The Zwift Crit Series 2017

October 22nd 2017

Who’s ready to race? We’re excited to announce the new Zwift Crit Series, running every Monday from October 30 to November 29. These races will test your speed, confidence, and efficiency along several laps on varying Zwift courses. There are two competitions for cyclists to compete in; one for North America and one for Europe.

We love seeing new racers join the start line, pushing everyone to compete. But expect some stiff competition as races will be averaging 3.5+w/kg.

There are three regions for the North America series, you can find the region you will compete in here. North America East, North America Central, and North America West.

All the countries are grouped together for the Europe series. You can find the full list of eligible countries here.


This is a points based competition. The winner of each race receives 20 points, second place receives 19 points, third receives 18, and so on until we get down to 1 point.

Initial results will be displayed at the end of a race, but FINAL results are posted on


The road to the finals is a bit different between the North America and Europe crits. But both crits will end with an exciting live final in January!


For North America the top 3 men and women in each region will be invited to the live eRacing final in January. In addition, one wildcard will be chosen by Zwift HQ bringing the total number of riders to 10 men and 10 women.


For Europe the top 10 men and top 10 women, from the eligible countries, in the overall standings will make it to the finals.

If you don't want to miss out on the action; be sure to follow and support the community racers with live broadcasts and commentary from Zwift Community Live at Facebook and Twitch.